Creating a Corporate Yoga Program

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Nothing is better than a midday yoga class. It’s the perfect break from a heavy day, allowing your mind a rest and your body to get some much-needed stretching and exercise. However, if your workplace isn’t one to offer corporate yoga or business yoga, you can still sneak a little asana into your day. Yoga for productivity can mean a shortened practice, but the benefits are still better than doing nothing, right?

Here are some of my favorite poses to bring into my day. Note that you should move into these poses slowly if just coming up from your desk for the first time to avoid over-straining. Especially camel pose.

Yoga for Productivity

Tadasana : Mountain Pose

Mountain pose, or tadasana, is the foundation for nearly every yoga class. Standing tall, feet rooted into the ground, it’s a classic posture-correcting pose. Stand tall and balance your shoulders over your hips. Inhale and roll the shoulders up the ears, and exhale let them fall back. Ahhhh.

Ardha Matsyendrasana : Seated Twist

There are several variations of ardha matsyendrasana, but considering that you’re probably not warmed up, we’re going to take it easy. And avoid if you have a back or spine injury. Twists energize the spine and can get the digestive fires burning, so this is perfect post-lunch or mid-morning snack. Taking an inhale, twist from the torso and let your gaze slip over your shoulder. Continue to twist as you’re able, holding for at least three breaths before moving to the other side.

Anjaneyasana : Low Lunge

Stretching the thighs and the groin, make sure your pants have some give in them before moving into your depth here. This pose is great for sciatica. It also allows for plenty of modifications, from a chest expansion to reaching up to the ceiling to resting hands on the knee.

Ustrasana : Camel

Truth be told, I hated ustrasana for a long time. It took awhile for me to feel comfortable in it and learn how to come into it without losing my breath or my mind. But now, I love it. Keep your hands on your low back as you move in, slowing dropping your head back to look up at the ceiling. Don’t move in past your depth; like I said above, this is not a pose to do without prior instruction or cold!

Bring a Corporate Yoga Program to Your Organization

Office yoga could lead to formal workplace classes, so don’t be shy about standing up and trying on these poses throughout your day! Print out the guide as a reminder =D

Minnesconsin Yoga offers customized programs that cater to specific organizations. I can help you design a flow of postures focused on relieving back and shoulder pain, early signs of carpal tunnel, and more. Reach out for more information!

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