Finding Your Time Zone is Life Design

What's your time zone?

So much of the yoga philosophy is focused on how we interact with the outside world. Thanks to the yamas and niyamas, we have guidelines for how to control reactions to the things happening around us. This aids our ability to plan out our lives, or apply life design principles. And another tool to think about it is the idea of personal time zones.

Here’s a recap of what I can remember of a post I recently saw that spurred my thinking:

  • New York is 3 hours ahead of California, but that doesn’t mean California is slow.
  • Someone graduated college at age 22, but didn’t get a great job until age 27.
  • Someone became a CEO at age 30, but died at age 55.
  • Someone became CEO at 50, and lived to be 90.
  • Someone is single.
  • Someone got married.
  • Absolutely everyone on this planet is living and working in their own personal time zone.

So what am I getting at?

Someone will always be “ahead” of you, and someone will always be “behind.” We’re each running our own race at our own pace, and it doesn’t make sense to mock someone else or be jealous of them because that’s them. Just accept that they’re in their zone, and you’re in your zone.

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Life Design is Timing

Life is about finding the right time to act. You aren’t early. You aren’t late. You’re right on time.

This is on my brain as I was just offered and accepted my dream job. And while it feels, in a sense, that it just fell into my lap, I’m falling into my Libra-ness of downplaying hard work and time spent in achieving things. But I can see, as I look back over my career, that it was just timing. I couldn’t have landed this job without my experience gained over years. Or my knowledge gathered through networking, investing time as a board member, and making the connections I have. I couldn’t have gotten this job without those things – and they wouldn’t have been interested in me as a candidate without them.

The same can be applied to other areas of life design. When I think about relationships, and my husband… Well, if I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t have been interested in the person he was at 21. And he probably wouldn’t have been interested in the person I was. It took those growth years to develop into people who are compatible, and continuing to grow together, effectively joining time zones, or drifting in and out of orbit with each other.

Maybe it’s the new job, maybe it’s a recent conversation about a show I loved that was cancelled (Wonderfalls!!) Whatever is spurring these thoughts, I’ll share more as they arise.

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