Vagus Nerve Activation Tips for Long COVID

You might think that once you have COVID and get through it without major issues that life will resume as before. But for over a third of folks, that isn’t true. Long COVID is the term used by doctors for the symptoms that persist for weeks, months, or, in some cases now, years. And theseContinue reading “Vagus Nerve Activation Tips for Long COVID”

Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

Finding poses that fit in a sequence for yoga and the vagus nerve isn’t difficult, but finding the right approach can be. As students come from a variety of backgrounds and abilities, directing them into poses that activate the vagus nerve can be tricky for multiple reasons. Triggering the vagus nerve can heighten a senseContinue reading “Yoga and the Vagus Nerve”

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Through Yoga

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are many, but one in which I’m particularly interested in lately is vagus nerve stimulation. The vagus nerve wanders down from our brain through the torso, and has a few important functions, like:  Fosters communication between the brain and our organs Controlling throat muscles and sending food downContinue reading “Vagus Nerve Stimulation Through Yoga”