Bringing Progressive Muscle Relaxation into Yoga Classes

In April 2018, I had been teaching yoga for all of three months at the YMCA. Then, I was slowly working on branching out and practicing new things and learning more about the space, and where I fit into it, when I was offered to take on a 2x-a-week class at a nearby chiropractic practice.Continue reading “Bringing Progressive Muscle Relaxation into Yoga Classes”

How Inauthenticity Increases Work Stress

A few years ago I participated in a series of career workshops. These workshops were, ostensibly, aimed to make me… in retrospect, I’m not sure what. More professional? More palateable? The marketing was to increase leadership skills and network, but it really just looked more and more like breeding a homogenized society. But one ofContinue reading “How Inauthenticity Increases Work Stress”