Spring Cleaning for Your Well-being

Most of the yard is covered in 18+ inches of snow right now. The driveway is slick with ice and slush. And yet. And yet I can feel spring in the air. It’s almost like a psychic form of proprioception. I can’t see the flowers and grass yet, but I know they’re waking up. ThereContinue reading “Spring Cleaning for Your Well-being”

“Create. Then Rest.” A Spring Mantra

I’m a huge fan of the Morning Altars Instagram account. The other day, he posted something about how having that innate sense of a hustle can be both a blessing and curse. And in turn, it inspired my new spring mantra. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Morning Altars (@morningaltars) //www.instagram.com/embed.js Hustle,Continue reading ““Create. Then Rest.” A Spring Mantra”