Fall Yoga Classes Outdoors

I love teaching yoga outside. As you may already know. I love yoga classes outdoors because it’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a mindful way. Taking a walk is easy, but it’s easier to bring your phone with you. It’s tempting to view the beauty of nature through your camera. There are aContinue reading “Fall Yoga Classes Outdoors”

3 Tips to Make Meditation More Comfortable

Enhancing my meditation practice in unexpected ways is the theme of the week, it seems! I recently joined Elephant Journal’s Elephant Academy, and one of the week 1 prompts is to engage in mindfulness in one of four ways:  Take off your shoes inside Take breaks from your smartphone, especially in the bedroom Swap outContinue reading “3 Tips to Make Meditation More Comfortable”

Your Inner Child Deserves Good Sleep

Another version of this article exists on Elephant Journal. Becoming a mother has changed a lot of things, chief among them how I sleep. But it’s probably not in the way you think. Bad sleep is treated as a rite of passage for new parents. It’s something long time parents love to talk about, andContinue reading “Your Inner Child Deserves Good Sleep”

Yoga Nidra Restorative Yoga Classes

Earlier this month I made a return to a studio where I taught pre-pandemic. YogaFresh, located in Woodbury, Minnesota, is a special place. It’s a studio with students who have thousands of classes under their belt (not an exaggeration – next to their check in names are the number of classes they’ve completed), but everyoneContinue reading “Yoga Nidra Restorative Yoga Classes”

Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

Finding poses that fit in a sequence for yoga and the vagus nerve isn’t difficult, but finding the right approach can be. As students come from a variety of backgrounds and abilities, directing them into poses that activate the vagus nerve can be tricky for multiple reasons. Triggering the vagus nerve can heighten a senseContinue reading “Yoga and the Vagus Nerve”