Meditation Practice: Minnesota Mindfulness

Fall is in full swing in the upper Midwest, and it’s the perfect time to cultivate a little Minnesota mindfulness. Why *Minnesota* mindfulness, you may ask? It’s a unique thing to experience the changing of the seasons as dynamically as we do up here. And it’s something that affects everyone, whether they like to talkContinue reading “Meditation Practice: Minnesota Mindfulness”

Greenify: Benefits of Plants in Indoor Spaces

Healthline provides a robust list of the (possible, caveat emphasized) benefits of caring for houseplants. Basically, ensure that you’re selecting nontoxic plants that won’t trigger allergies or irritate sensitivities. Keep an eye out for infestations. But overall, the benefits of plants, or bringing something that is living and breathing into your space, tend to improveContinue reading “Greenify: Benefits of Plants in Indoor Spaces”

Proprioception & Your Yoga Practice

I’m a bit of a skeptical yogi. Whenever I hear teachers say anything about *wringing toxins* I curl up inside, and I definitely don’t use any of that in my own teaching. But I love finding things that DO support the things I’ve found to be true in my own practice. And by practice, I’mContinue reading “Proprioception & Your Yoga Practice”