Yoga Sequence for Chakra Realignment

I love a themed yoga sequence. And one of my favorite series to create is a chakra realignment yoga class to close out the year. While my teaching schedule is much smaller than it as been in the past, I’m still excited to implement this type of structure. I’m also solely teaching vinyasa classes rightContinue reading “Yoga Sequence for Chakra Realignment”

Psoas Muscle Yoga Poses

The psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in the body. It’s also one of the hardest to get to in terms of stretching or working out. But there are a few key psoas muscle yoga poses that can help a tight psoas or overstretched psoas muscle. But let’s start at the beginning.Continue reading “Psoas Muscle Yoga Poses”

Pre Covid Nostalgia & Wine Lists

As I scroll through the wine list, I can feel tears pushing against my eyes. I haven’t worked in a wine shop in years. Haven’t had a sip of alcohol since I had my daughter. I haven’t been back to this restaurant – Meritage, an Old World, floor-to-ceiling windowed establishment in the heart of StContinue reading “Pre Covid Nostalgia & Wine Lists”

Yoga for Cervical Spine Pain

Our necks are made up of 7 vertebrae known as the cervical spine. These vertebrae can be prone to injury in many ways. And the most common injuries are the most innocuous. Take a moment and let your chin drop down to your chest. Slowly lift your head, trying to articulate each bone in theContinue reading “Yoga for Cervical Spine Pain”

How Inauthenticity Increases Work Stress

A few years ago I participated in a series of career workshops. These workshops were, ostensibly, aimed to make me… in retrospect, I’m not sure what. More professional? More palateable? The marketing was to increase leadership skills and network, but it really just looked more and more like breeding a homogenized society. But one ofContinue reading “How Inauthenticity Increases Work Stress”