Bringing Progressive Muscle Relaxation into Yoga Classes

In April 2018, I had been teaching yoga for all of three months at the YMCA. Then, I was slowly working on branching out and practicing new things and learning more about the space, and where I fit into it, when I was offered to take on a 2x-a-week class at a nearby chiropractic practice.Continue reading “Bringing Progressive Muscle Relaxation into Yoga Classes”

February Yoga Flow Sequence from the Heart

Any February yoga flow sequence is always dominated by heart openers. Ostensibly, it’s a reference the Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s, or whatever you might be celebrating). But heart openers–or any postures that help the chest open up–are extremely appropriate in the winter months. Especially in the frozen northern midwestern states like Minnesota. Heart openers haveContinue reading “February Yoga Flow Sequence from the Heart”

Finding Your Voice In and Out of the Studio

“Your voice is so low and melodious, I just kind of tuned out.” “I love what you’re saying, but I can’t hear it.” “SPEAK UP!” The last note is from my dad, but it’s a refrain that I’ve heard from many people, in many instances, many times. Evidently. Yet I still have trouble noticing whenContinue reading “Finding Your Voice In and Out of the Studio”

January Yoga Flow: Back to Basics

January just feels like a time to go back to basics. There can be a lot of focus on making resolutions to better our lives (or as I prefer to do, refine my sankalpa), but sometimes what we really need to is to honestly chill and revisit the places where we’ve become a little complacent.Continue reading “January Yoga Flow: Back to Basics”

Uninspired in the New Year: Seasonal Affective Disorder

A long time ago, I chose to stop treating the demarcation between December 31 and January 1 as a big deal. Partially due to the fact that it is, essentially, a completely arbitrary day. And the other reason is that it felt very triggering for seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for aContinue reading “Uninspired in the New Year: Seasonal Affective Disorder”