Spring Cleaning for Your Well-being

Most of the yard is covered in 18+ inches of snow right now. The driveway is slick with ice and slush. And yet.

And yet I can feel spring in the air. It’s almost like a psychic form of proprioception. I can’t see the flowers and grass yet, but I know they’re waking up. There are more birds outside, the squirrels and chipmunks are skittering over the snow more often.

Having spent my entire life in the northern Midwestern states, my body is pretty attuned to the changing seasons. Mother Nature moves in a fluid, organic way, and leaning into it can feel better than pushing against it or trying to hurry it up.

Spring is also when we look to throw out the old and bring in the new. Over the next month, I’m hosting a workshop and kicking off a lunch time series dedicated to this inspiration. We’ll take stock of the things that aren’t serving us – from a physical and mental perspective – and do a little spring cleaning in both areas! 

Mudita Wellness 8 Week Series

Over the course of this 8-week series, we’ll move through a themed sequence of postures sourced from Yin, Soma, and other modalities. Paired with readings on regeneration, awakening, and rebirth, we’ll tune our souls with the changing season and emerge like buds ready to flower.

Yogafresh Workshop

The workshop at Yogafresh will be a heavily condensed version of the 8 week series. We’ll move thoughtfully, roll around a little, and reflect.

Transitional Season Feelings

Making it through winter is worthy of a little pat on the back. Enduring spring, which can feel like 2 steps forward/one step back, takes another kind of fortitude.

My perfect springtime routine usually involves waking early with the sun, and seeking out fresh fruits and vegetables and lighter food overall. I want to be outside more, dig in the dirt and see what comes up. My kapha qualities are exacerbated in the spring, but in the best way. Creating a routine that feels good and in alignment with my higher self is usually what I need to see my way through the season.

What does your spring routine look like?

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