Crown Chakra Balance: Cosmic Consciousness

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Sahasrara is the crown chakra. The chakra of enlightenment, highest being, universal knowledge, all that jazz. You can imagine that any imbalances – blocked or overactive – have big effects on how we process the world around us.

Physically, this chakra is located at the top of the head. Some depictions have it floating, like a halo, just over highest part of the cranium. It’s also tied to the pituitary gland, as Anna Sugarman writes:

Sahasrara is associated primarily with the pituitary gland, secondarily with the pineal and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland work together to regulate the endocrine system (all of the body’s biological processes). 

Anna Sugarman

A big component to the crown chakra is connection. Not just to a higher power, but to the people around us and all living creatures. When it’s aligned, you’re able to think of the bigger picutre, and how to focus your energy to enhance it.

Balancing the Crown Chakra

Yoga for Sahasrara

Poses that tap into the sense of connection, focused spinal elongment, and bringing blood to the head affect the crown chakra:

  • Headstand (sirsasana)
  • Plough
  • Shoulderstand
  • Lotus
  • Seated forward fold
  • Reclined bound angle

Enhance your postures with sound, meditation, and a little joke:

There is an old joke involving the Buddha and a hot dog stand. The Buddha approaches the hot dog stand. It is on the corner of a bustling New York street, packs of people crushing in from all sides, but the Buddha is focused on his goal.

Says the vendor: What can I get you?

Says the Buddha: Make me one with everything. 

Crown Chakra Meditation

Adding meditation to a yoga practice is a great way to *tune in*. I love this meditation from Ekhart Yoga:

Violet is the colour for this chakra. Try visualising it during your relaxation or meditation – perhaps as a glowing halo just above your head. With your eyes closed, imagine the radiance. Let it pulse with the breath, awareness rising up into a column of light, shining back down into you. Draw it in through your crown, to fill your entire body and the space surrounding you, rise back out through the crown, encasing yourself in a sparkling violet spotlight… As you meditate on your crown, visualizing your breath as a beautiful column of violet light – chant the sound OM to connect with all that exists inside and outside of you.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu! (may all beings be happy and free).

Sounds for Saharasa

OM (aum) is the Bija mantra for the crown chakra. The vibrational frequency of this chakra can also be tapped through songs in the key of B.

Are there other elements you like to bring into your chakra yoga classes?

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