Achieving Vishuddha Health

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The throat chakra, or vishuddha, is associated with how we express ourselves. Sometimes through our voice–literally and figuratively–but also in allowing us to present ourselves with authenticity and honesty. The location is, of course, the neck, and the color associated with it is turquoise. Throat is an area in which I have a lot of issues, for some reason, and it’s definitely an area of improvement for me. I’ve been told by energy workers to integrate more blue into my wardrobe and jewelry selections. Maybe that’s the connection I’m missing for vishuddha health?

Gentle reminder that the chakras work best as a system. Check out my other pieces on the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Sounds to Unlock Vishuddha Health

The throat chakra responds to music in the key of G of the 672Hz frequency. Using a bija mantra (a single syllable that is repeated) is effective as well. In the case of vishuddha, the sound Ham is associated with it. Within a yoga class, I like to use a bija mantra to refocus and recalibrate energy throughout our time together. Harmonic resonance can be a deeply effective tool.

Throat Chakra Yoga Poses

Some intuitive movement is helpful for vishuddha health. Think neck stretches, posture alignment, and deep breathing exercises. And even some yoga poses can be utilized to help relax the neck muscles, like shoulder stand, fish and plow. Yogarsutra recommends these yoga poses to open the throat as well:

  • Child’s pose
  • Melting heart
  • Cobra
  • Cat/Cow
  • Reverse plank
  • Savasana

Meditation for the Throat Chakra

Meditation Relax has a great guided option:

This Throat Chakra meditation will help you to express yourself on all levels, and can support creativity, artistic expression, and living an authentic life.

  • Gently circle your head and neck before finding stillness in a comfortable upright position.
  • Soften your jaw, but keep your mouth closed. Let the bottom teeth part from the top teeth, and relax the skin around your lips.
  • Bring awareness to your throat and neck, and picture a brilliant turquoise light sitting right at the center of this area.
  • This brilliant turquoise blue light represents your authentic truth and the magic you have to share with the world. It holds the words you have to share, the stories you can tell, the art you can offer, and the music you can play. It is also the bridge between your heart and your head.
  • Breathe energy into this turquoise light at the center of your throat, and offer it out through your nose or mouth.
  • Picture the blue light shining through your ears as well, helping you to listen to others and hear your inner voice.
  • As you focus your attention on your throat chakra, envision yourself using your voice for good. Let this practice help you to make a positive contribution to the world in a way that is unique and authentic for you.
  • Try Humming, chanting, or singing can be very beneficial to the throat chakra.
  • Find music that resonates with you and play or sing along.
  • Try chanting the sound Ham to open your throat channel and vocal chords further.

Balancing this chakra helps with all elements of communication—from writing efficient and eloquent emails, to having difficult conversations with family members, to how you present your message through paint or photography or song.

Meditation Relax

Movement, Meditation and Sound for Vishuddah Health

These elements can all help balance your throat chakra. In addition, integrating mudras that address the core concepts of this chakra can level up a yoga practice. Look for mudras that focus on communication, honesty and purpose. Encourage students to breathe in the color turquoise. Remind them to exhale HA-HM.

What other tips do you have for crafting a yoga class designed to unblock the throat chakra?

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