Sacral Chakra Alignment

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Svadhisthana, or the sacral chakra, is home to our creative, emotional, and sexual well-being. When it’s out of alignment, we tend to feel imbalanced in those areas (either under- or over-active can indicate some level of misalignment). When your sacral chakra alignment is correct — neither deficient or excessive — you’ll feel emotionally grounded, sexually confident, and creatively gratified.

As with the physical and psychological aspects of the self, trauma to the sacral chakra is often rooted in our childhood. As Lonerwolf writes:

If you’ve experienced body shame, a strict or authoritarian upbringing, sexual abuse or dysfunction, toxic relationships, religious indoctrination, or critical forms of social conditioning that have limited the flow of your life force energy, you likely have an impaired sacral chakra.

While repairing and rebalancing the sacral chakra takes time and coordinated effort, it can be done.

Tips for Finding Sacral Chakra Alignment


The sound of the sacral chakra is VAM, and the frequency is 480Hz. This Solfeggio frequency is said to …”eliminate blocks, conventions, habits, and opens the mind to accept change.” Creating a dharma or mantra focused on the chakra, like “I create with love.” “I have everything I desire.”

Additionally, finding emotional catharsis via loud, lion breaths or other intentional energy release can help, too.


Meditate using elements of progressive muscle relaxation. In this practice, you can move through the body and practice holding it tight in tension, and then actively release, maybe imagining breathing in the color orange, and chanting VAM. Imagine a swirling ball of luminescent orange light below your bellybutton. Feel the orange energy dissolving blockages, aggressive flows of energy, and just tension in general, all within you.


While it might not seem super easy to find yoga poses targeting the sacral chakra, it’s easier to reframe it as poses focused on the pelvis or hip openers. Yoga Journal has a great list as well!

  • Pigeon
  • Cobra
  • Sphinx
  • Butterfly
  • Hero pose
  • Hip circles
  • Low lunge into half splits
  • Frog
  • Forward fold

You can also use scents to help unblock this chakra, specifically gingerorangejasminenerolirosewood, and bergamot.

Planning Your Sacral Chakra Yoga Class

In my class, I’m planning on opening with a spine strengthening series on the belly to create connection, and then rising from there. I’ll create a playlist tuning into the frequencies of the chakra along with a meditation using VAM and recommended mantras. I’m thinking of also bringing warm compresses as well for students to use in savasana with the scents recommended.

What would you like to see in your chakra balancing class? Leave a comment or reach out directly!

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