Halloween Asana Practice

Halloween is on the way, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. As an October baby, Halloween has always been the BIG holiday. It’s full of fun, spooky stories, treats, and so much more. Growing up in the upper Midwest, it also feels like a portal into fall. The trees are dropping leaves. The sun is setting earlier and earlier, and the wind takes on a growing chill. It’s all delightfully ominous. Which isn’t exactly the vibe I look for in my Halloween asana practice, but it’s a great place to find inspiration.

I’ll be using some of this inspiration at my regular studios, like YogaFresh. Find me on the schedule to try them out.

October 31 Asana Practice Ideas

Here are some of the postures I like to add to my classes throughout October, capping it off with a full-on Halloween practice as we get closer to the 31. Unfortunately, I’m not teaching on Halloween this year, so I’ll be looking for ways to infuse my practice and yoga classes throughout the month.

  • Makrasana (crawling zombie)
  • Cat/Cow (black cat & howling wolf)
  • Downward dog (wolf); add in scorpion dog for extra spookiness
  • Low lunge turns into eye of newt lunge
  • Padangusthasana is a great time to tell the story of big toe soup
  • Vasistasana is fun with cues to be “light as a feather, stiff as a board”
  • Frog pose into crow write themselves
  • Ustrasana becomes werewolf
  • Chair pose, airplane arms = flying bat
  • Half moon, obviously
  • Dandasana into savasana with Frankenstein arms
  • Ananda balasana = dead bug pose
  • Corpse pose

These poses aren’t geared toward any single class, but do follow a bit of a more vinyasa flow. Add your desired variations in the comments or ideas for other asana ideas!

Halloween and Beyond

The end of the year definitely has a unique vibe. And it feels like Halloween is the point of no return. It’s a time that naturally feels a little more introspective. If you’re looking for a guided practice of any kind, reach out and let’s chat!

Halloween asana for October 31 yoga classes

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