Soul Tuning & Life Design

I have this tendency: when I’m facing something for which I feel an intense, visceral dislike, I want to pivot in a big way into something completely different. Life is way too short for things we don’t like, right? When I chose journalism as my major in college and wasn’t into it, I almost droppedContinue reading “Soul Tuning & Life Design”

Halloween Asana Practice

Halloween is on the way, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. As an October baby, Halloween has always been the BIG holiday. It’s full of fun, spooky stories, treats, and so much more. Growing up in the upper Midwest, it also feels like a portal into fall. The trees are dropping leaves. The sunContinue reading “Halloween Asana Practice”

Vagus Nerve Activation Tips for Long COVID

You might think that once you have COVID and get through it without major issues that life will resume as before. But for over a third of folks, that isn’t true. Long COVID is the term used by doctors for the symptoms that persist for weeks, months, or, in some cases now, years. And theseContinue reading “Vagus Nerve Activation Tips for Long COVID”