WFH Yoga Practice

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We’re a few years into the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have gone back into the office, some are in a hybrid environment, and some are working from home (WFH) permanently. For me, I work from home, but I miss the camaraderie and discussions that happen in person. I also miss how easy it was to catch a yoga class on the way to or from work. It’s hard to make the time for class when home is full of distractions. There’s always a dish or two that are sitting in the sink, laundry that could be done, dusting, watering plants, etc. But I think I’ve found the key, which is that even finding 5 minutes a day to practice helps.

Creating a 5 Minute WFH Yoga Routine

When my body craves movement, I know it’s important to give in. Plus, I’ve found that by integrating a few poses here and there, I’m more likely to look forward to driving to a class later on. It’s like a nightcap for the sober crowd!

My midday wfh yoga routine is nothing special, and some of my favorite moves don’t really have Sanskrit names for them. It’s more about attuning myself to how my body feels, and finding the movement that reminds me to sit tall, avoid slouching, and keep my core firm.

I spend about a minute or more in each posture. Consider printing the graphic below to hang by your desk as a not-so-subtle reminder!

Roll out your neck.

You don’t even need to get up! Let your chin fall to your chest, and feel the full weight of your head as you roll to the left, down, to the right, down, and then fully up again.

Stretch against your chair

Reach your arms overhead, keeping your biceps by your ears to start. Slowly reach further back, keeping your elbows locked, and pull your spine against the back of your chair.

Baby Backbend

Stand for a minute and imitate the chair stretch, but let your gaze walk backwards on the ceiling to deepen the stretch. Bring hands to hips if you feel any instability.

Bridge pose

Lay on the floor with knees bent, feet as wide as your hips. Slowly peel your tailbone up, and lift your torso until you feel your weight centered between your shoulder blades.

Puppy Pose/Modified down dog

From tabletop, walk hands forward and drop your forehead to the ground, keeping your natural low back curvature. Push hands down and stretch through the arms.

Seeking Midday Movement

On days when I have a bit more flexibility, I love to get out for a class or a walk in nature during lunch. Regardless of what’s happening at work, I always feel that a little distance–literally and mentally–is helpful to move past creative blocks or other stressors. Keep your head up (or down, if you’re rolling out your neck) and keep moving. And if you want a personalized routine, hit me up!

Share your favorite WFH yoga poses below!

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