Month: April 2022

three women meditating in a yoga class

Best Yoga Mat Recommendations

Note that none of the yoga mat recommendations below are affiliate links. Which means I’m not making a dime off of whether you buy one or not. These are my true feelings on the mats that are currently littered around my house. 🤣 For some context, I practice 3 main modalities of yoga: Iyengar, hot …

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is therapy working

Self Inquiry: Is Therapy Working?

I’ve been working with a therapist for almost two years now. While I know I definitely feel better post-sessions, I do still fall into old patterns of thought and have to pull myself out of it. And it’s times like these that I feel like I really have to ask myself: is therapy working? I …

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outdoor yoga classes

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Outdoor yoga classes be awesome. They can also be wildly uncomfortable due to heat, bugs and allergies. With summer on the way, there’s a desire to take everything outside. Including yoga. I love practicing outside. The fresh air and the smells, the uneven ground beneath my feet forcing me to *really* engage. But there are …

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Using yoga props like yoga straps, yoga blocks and yoga blankets

Using Yoga Straps, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Blankets, Yoga Props in General

Fitness classes are interesting environments. There can be some level of competition between participants, which can work well to push you to work a bit harder than you might otherwise. But in some cases, particularly yoga, where the focus is on looking inward, the competition element is a bit out of place. It can also …

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