“Create. Then Rest.” A Spring Mantra

photo of field during daytime

I’m a huge fan of the Morning Altars Instagram account. The other day, he posted something about how having that innate sense of a hustle can be both a blessing and curse. And in turn, it inspired my new spring mantra.


Hustle, to me, is generally a good thing. It’s what helps keep me motivated to reach for the next thing. Whether in my professional or personal life, there’s a fear of becoming stagnant. That fear, coupled with amazing opportunities, means that I honestly believe anything is achievable.

But, as Day so succinctly puts it–

…There is a bottomless pit of content to create which is all underscored by a threatening sense of — if I don’t keep working and keep producing, I may lose it all.

Day Schildkret

Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter. Because it’s at the root of so many tangled impressions of ourselves and others. You’re lazy or you’re hardworking. You deserve success or you’re coasting. Polarity is, well, polarizing, even though it’s embedded in the natural order of things.

Echoing the Seasons: A Spring Mantra

With spring approaching, I’m feeling myself become more invigorated by everything around me. My body is craving movement and fresh air. And yet there’s still a piece of me that wants to be still in the middle of it all. Maybe a lesson from the pandemic, which forced us all to be still and sit with ourselves for so long.

Whatever the case may be, Day’s post pointed out the cycle of nature is simple: create, then rest. Abundance is brought forth, grown to maturity, harvested, and then nature rests. I remember my dad, a farmer of course, talking about true stewards of the land, who let fields lie fallow in between growing seasons. Understanding that polar opposites can both have benefits, that one can’t exist without the other, is the key to this spring mantra for me. We can be productive, and then lazy. We can be deserving of good things while appreciating them. We can be all of these things while caring for ourselves. We create. And then we rest.

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