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I’m so excited to be on the yoga class schedule at two studios in the eastern twin cities metro area. Come take a class with me in Stillwater or Woodbury (on livestream as well!).

YogaFresh (Woodbury, Minnesota) Yoga Class Schedule

I’m teaching two classes per week at YogaFresh, located just off I-94 and Woodbury Drive. After I completed my soma yoga training at Tula, I sought out a studio that was forward thinking and had a base clientele who would appreciate the modality. YogaFresh is the right place. Jen, the owner and manager, has done an amazing job in creating a schedule that does the impossible, offering something for everyone. From barre to hot to vinyasa to restorative and soma, it’s there. YogaFresh also has a great set up for live streaming where it really feels like those at home are in the studio with us.

Here is the yoga class I’m teaching in Woodbury:

Vinyasa FreshFlow, Wednesdays at 9:30am

This creative and dynamic flow practice will allow you to move at your own pace with sequences of sun salutations and other postures to create a customized class experience while building strength, balance and flexibility. Vinyasa FreshFlow is open to ALL LEVELS of students and will meet each yogi at their own level of practice by providing beginner students with options for support and modifications and more advanced students with options to deepen their experience and move into more advanced variations each with mindfulness to alignment and breath. Some knowledge of basic yoga postures and sun salutations is recommended.

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Gentle Yoga, Sundays at 10:45am

This slower and supportive practice offers a balance of alignment, breathing and movement to strengthen and stretch your body while relieving stress and tension in the mind through gentle transitions and minimal weight bearing on your hands. Gentle Yoga is an excellent option for both beginners and those who prefer a less vigorous class or are experiencing illness, injury or chronic pain. We will provide modifications and props while moving at a perfectly slower pace – allowing for extra time to enjoy each pose.

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River Valley Athletic Club (Stillwater, Minnesota) Yoga Class Schedule

Moving to Stillwater is great for my family, but I wasn’t sure how to contribute to the local yoga scene. There are a few different studios, each with their own vibe. With the pandemic still raging, I wasn’t entirely comfortable doing drop in classes (and a few studios are online only). When my husband and I started looking up centers, River Valley Athletic Club I saw the fitness instructor openings. And I applied. Voila!

Yoga Flow, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm

This 45 minute class is the perfect companion to cardio, weight training, or other high intensity workouts. Yoga Flow focuses on integrative alignment through sun salutations series A and B, keeping your heart rate in performance zone. The final 15 minutes of class will slow down gradually to end in savasana, allowing your body to efficiently cool and digest all the benefits of your workout. Yoga Flow is accessible to all.

Practice With Me!

While these are the only two studios at which I’m teaching in person, I’m still open to other opportunities.

I’ve helped create corporate meditation programs as well as personalized approaches for students. If you want to work with me, let me know!

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