November Mantra Design

november mantra with minnesconsin yoga

Mantras are refrains that reiterate messages in our lives. People can use their mantras for different things – a reminder to self, a call for something, or a combination approach – and for me, coming up with a theme for specific months or seasons is usually how I design my approach. I integrate my manifestation practice as well. And my November mantra is no different.

november mantra with minnesconsin yoga
November Mantra for Minnesconsin Yoga: “I am someone who deserves…”

November Mantra: I am someone who deserves…

There are many methodologies that someone can bring to creating a powerful, personal mantra. For me, fall and autumn are times of transition where my vata abundance can drive me to a little imposter syndrome. I feel like I’m not worthy or that I don’t deserve certain things, or that I will never feel a certain way again.

In that mindset, I chose to remind myself that I am someone who deserves certain things. I am someone who deserves comfort. I deserve to rest. Abundance. And so. much. more.

Crafting a mantra is a practice in and of itself. I love the time it takes to reflect and look inwardly to recognize how I’m truly feeling. And those feelings are used to call something more into my life.

What do you want to call into your life?

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