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Sun B Sequence for August 2021

July was a bit of a whirlwind, and August snuck up on me. I have a sequence in mind and playlist ready to go, but the other prep that I usually do has fallen a little behind schedule. We’re coming into the dog days of summer, and this particular year is experiencing drought and repeated high temps, day after day. Yet, at the same time, there’s still that desire to savor the weather. Fall is just around the corner, with winter hot (cold?) on its heels. The Sun B sequence for August echoes that feeling.

Sun B Sequence

Here’s what I’m thinking with a little warmup and balancing sequence added in. Much of the sequence comes from my own teach training with Maria Toso, a master in class design and development.

Warm up

Sun A (surya namaskar a)

Sun B (surya namaskar b), sun b sequence. Simple yet significant. 3x through, adding on one more posture each time

Balancing series (L and R)

Cool down

August Yoga Class Playlist

This playlist provides a consistent beat and pace. Definitely a good option just for background music to help focus without distraction, and perfect for the ladder sun B above.

Ready to practice? Leave me a note below!

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