July’s Yoga Class Sequence and Theme

july yoga class sequence and theme

Ah July, season of heat and humidity in Minnesota. July always brings a feeling of enduring and getting by versus thriving and growing to me, for some reason. I blame my Kapha heavy constitution. I want to conserve energy amongst the fields and join the waiting for the harvest. While June made use of the solstice energy, July is a time of energy conservation. The yoga class sequence for this month, in my mind, echoes the toiling of Sisyphus.

In short, Sisyphus was sentenced to push a stone up a hill for eternity, with it rolling down the opposite side once he reaches the top. It’s a Greek myth that’s passed into the zeitgeist via commercials and $200 Jeopardy! questions. But while that might sound like a metaphor for misery, I subscribe to Camus’ take on Sisyphus –

“One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

Albert Camus

– which is my take on July. Yoga isn’t always celebration and sunlight. Sometimes it’s a bit more work. But the work is part of the process, and it’s a way to tap into conserved energy without draining the reservoir.

The Sisyphus Yoga Class Sequence

This yoga class sequence, or sun b series, is full of opportunities for students to root down, finding stability through sensation and tuning inward to relax and release.

Sun B series

Right side (left side is same, but replace right with left)

  • Chair, with airplane arms
  • Drinking bird, back to chair
  • Forward fold, halfway lift
  • Chaturanga
  • Right leg high into low lunge
  • Twist, rising into high lunge with open arm twist
  • Reverse warrior
  • Ext side angle
  • Reverse triangle
  • Triangle pose
  • Modified pyramid, squaring hips forward and keeping heels planted
  • Into revolved triangle, reaching left arm toward the floor and stacking shoulders to the right and, when feeling stable, lift right arm to the ceiling
  • Release into runners lunge, walking right foot out to the edge of the mat and relaxing elbows and back leg down onto the mat (option for hurdlers)
  • Step back into high plank
  • Side plank
  • Chaturanga

Reverse triangle is a loaded pose for me, and I find for others as well. The combination of balancing, twisting and lifting simultaneously is a big cognitive load. I love the challenge of it, though, and the different steps to it so anyone can find their own place and shape.

July Yoga Playlist (from Spotify)

July playlist is a *big vibe* as the kids say, and it’s intentionally positive and a little higher energy to play off the intensity of the sequence. And it’s a great playlist for me to tune into while working, too!

As always, I would love to get your feedback and comments on how this feels to you. What would you change? What does July feel like to you?

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