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Handling An Autumnal Vata Imbalance

vata imbalance fixed with Banyan Botanicals

My kapha-ness is highly affected in seasons in which we see things turning colder, dryer, and darker. Every fall, I tend to *fall* into this sort of existential boredom that makes me question various aspects of my life choices, from career to partners to diet and exercise. 

It wasn’t until I began yoga teacher training that I began to get a handle on what this was: vata imbalance. Western medicine basically made me feel that it was just something I had to get over. My doctor might give me a sad look, tell me all my bloodwork/etc was normal, and that was that.  

And then, when Marcia Meredith stopped in for a lecture to the class, things started to click.  There was a time where I would have discounted a person’s immediate ability to see into your health, but that’s passed by the wayside as my circle has grown to include more wellness folks, from Ayurvedic professionals to acupuncturists to Reiki/massage therapists and beyond. Marcia pegged me as a dominant kapha, and gave me some tips on keeping my focus when vata tries to throw me off. 

Managing a Vata Imbalance

In addition to these vata-specific countering things, I’ve also given up caffeine completely and am gradually decreasing white sugar and flour in my diet. These things, in addition to making me *feel* more alert and less groggy, also aggravate vata. Dropping them is another way to combat fall logy-ness.

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