Holistic Nutrition Certification

holistic nutrition

I recently wrapped up a random class that I heard about via my 200 hour yoga certification. It’s called Functional Holistic Nutrition:

The focus of this class is to develop a solid awareness of nutrition; be able to utilize that awareness for the individual student, and to make suggestions to somatic practitioner clientele in a legal and ethical fashion as outlined by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) associate membership. 

No, that’s not what sold me on the class. 

What sold me on it was the fact that the class is co-listed between Health and Culinary Arts. So in addition to studying nutrition and learning how to relate to clients in a wellness coaching atmosphere, we got to cook.  And it was delicious!

Much of the class was focused around learning about different regimens and ideas around nutrition. There were some *pop* kinds of things by Mark Hyman, the paleo craze, etc. But on the lab (aka cooking) days, it was all about how to prepare foods in ways that reduce calories and additives without losing flavor. Things like using coconut or avocado oil in place of vegetable oil. Tips on creating salad dressings without relying on fatty bases or store-bought options. 

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Holistic nutrition asks What is your soul craving?

For me, as someone who struggles with weight and knowing that I should, say, reach for carrots instead of Oreos for a snack, this class felt re-affirming and helped strengthen my own resolve to do better. Coupled with my wellness coaching training, I can more clearly see how my habits and patterns have:

1) created the cravings for sugars, carbs, etc, and

2) how I can start healthfully moving away from those things.

Realizing that I had lost 8 lbs in a few months simply by making a few mindful changes in my diet proves to me that the power of food lies in more than just cutting calories and choosing labels that say ‘organic.’

I’m incredibly excited to have the class under my belt. And to be able to share the information as well in a formal health assessment. While I don’t have my exact range of services laid out quite yet, as well as a fee structure, it’s coming. You’ll be the first to know =D

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