benefits of plants in indoor spaces

Greenify: Benefits of Plants in Indoor Spaces

Healthline provides a robust list of the (possible, caveat emphasized) benefits of caring for houseplants. Basically, ensure that you’re selecting nontoxic plants that won’t trigger allergies or irritate sensitivities. Keep an eye out for infestations. But overall, the benefits of plants, or bringing something that is living and breathing into your space, tend to improve …

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yoga teaching in my life

My Journey to Yoga

Coming Back In October 2015, my sister suggested coming to yoga class with her. I was in the midst of a confusing, heartbreaking situation that was taking a huge emotional toll on my husband and myself. I was constantly stressed, heartbroken and confused. All of my energy was focused on helping my husband, and it …

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learn to meditate with this meditation infographic

Healthy Living: Learn to Meditate

When things start to feel like they’re spinning out of control, it can be helpful to take back something that’s 100% in your grasp. When you learn to meditate, you’re able to calm the metaphorical choppy waters and feel like a capable, responsible person again. But like anything, it takes some practice. Learning to meditate …

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